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Bolognese rods
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Penn Wrath II Bolescopic Rod

The PENN® Wrath® II Bolescopic rods are available in five di...
Prices from £ 37.55

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Heavy Bolo

A hybrid combination of a classic Bolognese rod with a stron...
Prices from £ 37.14

DAM Rods Base-X Bolo

The Base-X Bolo rods are telescopic rods for light float fis...
Prices from £ 16.73

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Tessa Bolo

Elegant telescopic Bolognese rods based on Tessa Pole and Ec...
Prices from £ 40.61

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Eco Bolo

Elegant Jaxon Bolognese rods products based on Tessa Pole an...
Prices from £ 24.69

Jaxon Rods Green Point Bolognese XTR

Advanced telescopic rods, equipped with lightweight guides a...
Prices from £ 76.94

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Mystery Bolognese

Universal rods for float fishing in rivers. The right balanc...
Prices from £ 50.29

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Tele Bolo Beta

Exclusive model of the telescopic Bolognese Jaxon Intensa GT...
Prices from £ 51.63

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Tele Bolo Alpha

An exclusive model of a telescopic Bolognese rod. The blanks...
Prices from £ 31.63

Daiwa Rods Ninja Bolo

The very lightweight blanks of these premium Bolognese rods...
Prices from £ 91.22

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Bolognese

BOLOGNESE Attractive telescopic rods with long sections to b...
Prices from £ 37.14