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K Niemy Flies Sets

Prices from £ 9.29

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Streamers (barded)

Prices from £ 2.13

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Nymphs (barbless)

Prices from £ 2.40

K Niemy Flies Nymphs (barbless)

Tied on barbless hooks with tungsten beads.
Prices from £ 2.28

K Niemy Baltic Sea Trout Flies

Fly patterns for baltic sea trout. Available imitation of a...
Prices from £ 3.81

K Niemy Wet flies

Prices from £ 2.19

Wizard Andrzej Zasadzki Scuds (barbless)

Prices from £ 2.28

K Niemy Flies Buggers (barbless)

Tied on barbless hooks.
Prices from £ 2.04