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Shimano Aero X7 Feeder

The Aero X7 is a highly technical range of top feeder rods...
Prices from £ 316.33

Flagman Cast Master Feeder

Flagman Cast Master Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 40.82

Daiwa N'Zon N'Zon Super Slim Power Feeder

The Power Feeder models are very strong feeder rods with gre...
Prices from £ 94.49

Daiwa N'Zon N‘ZON Super Slim Feeder

The N‘Zon Super Slim Feeder rods offer optimal casting chara...
Prices from £ 116.73

Preston Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder Rods

Preston Monster Xtreme Distance Feeder Rods
New 2024!
Xtreme by name, extreme by nature! The Monster Xtreme Distan...
Prices from £ 82.65

Shimano Aero X5 Feeder

The Aero X5 rod range is priced at the upper mid-point of th...
Prices from £ 148.98

Shimano Aero Pro Precision Feeder rods

Shimano Aero Pro Precision Feeder rods
New 2024!
Aero Pro feeder rods are sensational. The most advanced feed...
Prices from £ 453.06

Preston Monster X Rods

A brand-new updated version of the extremely popular Monster...
Prices from £ 80.82

Preston Distance Master

The Distance Master Rod range offers the perfect balance bet...
Prices from £ 231.43

Jaxon Rubicon Heavy Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon Heavy Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 38.16

Jaxon Rubicon River Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon River Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 35.92

Jaxon Rubicon Classic Feeder

Jaxon Rubicon Classic Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 34.90

Flagman Legend Feeder

Flagman Legend Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 60.20

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 43.88

Flagman Squadron Pro Carp Feeder

The rod series is characterized by increased rigidity. The p...
Prices from £ 38.78

Matrix Aquos Ultra-D Feeder Rods

Designed for feeder fishing at distance or on powerful r...
Prices from £ 77.55

Matrix Aquos Ultra-X Feeder Rods

Two piece rods designed to break down equally Avail...
Prices from £ 68.37

Matrix Aquos Ultra-C Feeder Rods

Available in four lengths 9ft,10ft,11ft & 12ft Desi...
Prices from £ 63.27

Daiwa Ninja X Stalker Feeder

Daiwa Ninja X Stalker Feeder
New 2024!
The Ninja X Stalker models are the perfect tool, when large...
Prices from £ 62.45

Daiwa Ninja X Feeder rods

Daiwa Ninja X Feeder rods
New 2024!
With the Ninja X feeder rods DAIWA offers a series of premiu...
Prices from £ 68.98

DAM Intenze Feeder Coarse Rod

24T Carbon fiber construction Slim and powerful bla...
Prices from £ 35.31

GURU A-Class Natural Feeder rods

The A-Class Natural feeder rods have been designed for tradi...
Prices from £ 70.41

GURU N-Gauge Feeder

The 10ft Feeder is one of the most popular length rods on co...
Prices from £ 167.35

Preston Supera X Feeder rods

Designing a premium range of rods which meets the demands of...
Prices from £ 190.20

Delphin River Trophy NXT rod

After a successful series of RIVER TROPHY rods, Delphin come...
Prices from £ 83.67

Delphin Magma M3 Light & Medium & Heavy

Delphin MAGMA M3 range available in bordeaux red color, is t...
Prices from £ 74.29

Daiwa Black Widow Feeder Rods

The Black Widow Feeder series from DAIWA offers an extensive...
Prices from £ 54.49

Daiwa Aqualite Feeder rods

Aqualite feeder rods definetively belong to the circle of mo...
Prices from £ 88.78

Preston Ignition Carp Feeder Rods

A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any comme...
Prices from £ 54.73

Preston Carbonactive Supera Feeder Rods

The Carbonactive Supera rod range is the ultimate all round...
Prices from £ 172.65

Preston Super Feeder Rods

The Super Feeder Range of rods are designed primarily for na...
Prices from £ 66.86

DAM Base-X Feeder

The Base-X Feeder rods are truly powerful feeder rods with a...
Prices from £ 28.78

DAM DETEK Feeder Rods

The DAM DETEK Feeder rods are developed for feeder fishing f...
Prices from £ 67.14