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Freespool reels
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Okuma Carbonite V2 Match Baitfeeder reels

• Corrosion-resistant graphite body • Auto-switch freespool...
Prices from £ 21.43

Ryobi Reels Riken Method Feeder

■ body, rotor: graphite composite ■ gear: CNC ■ spool: dur...
Prices from £ 48.98

Delphin NORD

Despite being among lower cost reel, NORD does not miss anyt...
Prices from £ 18.37

Delphin TwinDrag

The TwinDrag is a universal reel with a teaser lever, which...
Prices from £ 35.10

Penn Fierce IV Spinning Live Liner

Saltwater anglers choose the PENN® Fierce™ IV spinning reels...
Prices from £ 76.94

DAM Quick Quick 4 FS Reels

• 6+1 Sealed stainless ball bearings • Freespool system •...
Prices from £ 69.59

DAM Quick Reels Quick 1 FS

• 3+1 Steel ball bearings • Freespool fuction • High quali...
Prices from £ 19.39

DAM Quick Reels Quick 3 FS

• 9+1 Steel ball bearings of which 3+1 stainless ball bearin...
Prices from £ 57.14

Daiwa Black Widow BR LT Reels

Now finally from DAIWA – small compact free spool reels for...
Prices from £ 79.59

Daiwa Reels Emcast BR LT

The first LT free spool reel by DAIWA. small and compact fre...
Prices from £ 88.98

Okuma Reels Lotus Baitfeeder

• Auto-switch freespool system • Corrosion-resistant graphi...
Prices from £ 29.59

Penn Spinfisher VI Live Liner Spinning Reels

The PENN Spinfisher VI features IPX5 sealing so whether it g...
Prices from £ 136.73

Jaxon Reels Top Carp

JAXON TOP CARP FRT TOP CARP rich series of reels with free...
Prices from £ 10.20

Jaxon Reels Satori FRXL

SATORI FRXL Modern reels with free spool mechanism. Unique b...
Prices from £ 20.41

Jaxon Reels Satori FRT

SATORI FRT Modern reels with free spool mechanism. Unique bo...
Prices from £ 19.18

Jaxon Reels Satori Dura XL

SATORI DURA XL Reels for professional carp anglers. Based on...
Prices from £ 49.18

Jaxon Reels Red Carp

Free runner carp reels. A characteristic feature of RED CARP...
Prices from £ 29.39

Jaxon Reels Magnet Carp

JAXON MAGNET CARP FRXL MAGNET CARP Carp reels with free spo...
Prices from £ 17.35

Daiwa Infinity X BR reel

The ultimate compact carp free spool reel. With the INFINITY...
Prices from £ 348.98

Daiwa Emcast BR Reels

An amazing free spool reel, which runs extraordinary silent...
Prices from £ 65.51

Daiwa Reels Emblem BR 25A

The new Emblem BR 25A represents freespool construction at i...
Prices from £ 178.98

Jaxon Reels Dominator DTX

Our flagship model of a free-running carp reel, a real DOMIN...
Prices from £ 79.39

Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder reels

Baitfeeder quick release Aluminum spool Multi-disc, o...
Prices from £ 20.20

Okuma Carbonite XP Baitfeeder reels

Baitfeeder quick release graphite spool 1BB bearing dr...
Prices from £ 15.31

Daiwa Black Widow BR Reels

Matching with the popular rod series, the brand BLACK WIDOW...
Prices from £ 46.94

Free spool reels

Free spool reels are a group of specialized high-power reels dedicated to carp fishing, which have been adapted to many other methods such as catching predators with dead fish bait. These designs have all the features of carp reels - strong gears, extremely strong brakes, powerful reel and significant reel capacity.
The free spool system itself is a form of a clutch that allows the fishing line to be freely unspooled while it's being tugged on. The free spool reel is a great solution for anglers fishing for carp, grass carp or catfish with the use of unspooling, self-braking sets. The free spool reel is a great solution for anglers who prefer long hunts, during which it is impossible to constantly stay in the immediate vicinity of the rods. After casting, just put the rod on the supports, engage the free spool mode using the lever on the back of the reel, and possibly set the free spool brake, which is located at the back of the reel - amazingly simple!