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Trabucco Energhia XR Energy Match

Trabucco Energhia XR Energy Match
New 2023!
Prices from £ 517.31

Trabucco Precision RPL Match Carp

Trabucco Precision RPL Match Carp
New 2023!
Prices from £ 71.28

Trabucco Precision RPL Match Plus

Trabucco Precision RPL Match Plus
New 2023!
Prices from £ 87.58

Ryobi Oasys Carp Match

A group of strong match rods perfectly adjusted to fashionab...
Prices from £ 35.23

Delphin Symbol Match

Delphin Symbol Match
New 2023!
Rods from the SYMBOL series are literally a symbol of the co...
Prices from £ 46.44

Okuma Custom Black Match Rods

CUSTOM BLACK MATCH FEATURE: - 30T+40T Hi modulus carbon, sl...
Prices from £ 56.01

Dragon Mega Baits Black Shadow Match

Light and slim and at the same time very strong match rods....
Prices from £ 56.70

Okuma Rods Solitron Match

SOLITRON MATCH RODS FEATURE: - IM6 Construction - Titanium...
Prices from £ 55.60

Okuma Rods Ceymar Match

CEYMAR MATCH RODS FEATURE: - Light weight and balance carbo...
Prices from £ 47.45

DAM Rods Base-X Match

The Base-X Match is a specialized rod for fine float and mat...
Prices from £ 25.46

DAM Rods DETEK Match

The DAM DETEK Match rods convince with a very thin blank dia...
Prices from £ 66.19

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Tele Match TX

Telescopic version of the match rod. The offer includes two...
Prices from £ 36.66

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Match TX Match ZX

3-piece Jaxon Eclatis Match rods for fishing with the refine...
Prices from £ 39.51

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Prima Match

Rods Float Academy Prima Match is a new version of a 3-piece...
Prices from £ 40.12

Jaxon Rods Green Point Match Pro

The Green Point Match Pro rods are 3-piece rods for long dis...
Prices from £ 44.20

Daiwa Aqualite Power Match

Classical match rods with narrow guide arrangement and first...
Prices from £ 74.34

DAM Rods Sensomax II Tele Match

The DAM Sensomax II Tele Match rods have extremely slim blan...
Prices from £ 35.85

DAM Rods Sensomax II Match

The DAM Sensomax II Match rods have extremely slim blanks, g...
Prices from £ 48.47

Ryobi Rods Oasys Pro Float

CARP PRO FLOAT model is equipped with slightly bigger guides...
Prices from £ 33.60

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Tactix Match

Match rods with three different parameters of strength and p...
Prices from £ 51.32

Jaxon Rods Intensa GTX Match

Light 3-piece distance fishing rods for use with special flo...
Prices from £ 42.36

Jaxon Rods Float Academy Tele Match

MATCH Classical 3 piece rods to English match fishing. Dynam...
Prices from £ 31.36