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Catfish Braided Lines
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DAM Madcat Madcat Backbone

DAM Madcat Madcat Backbone
New 2024!
Prices from £ 36.33

Black Cat Zeus Line G2

Spliceable, 8-strand, round, extremely durable, braided main...
Prices from £ 32.65

Delphin Boxer

Strong catfish line at the price of monofilament. Delphin B...
Prices from £ 11.43

DAM Madcat Pellet Hook Link 16X HMPE

Special catfish hook link, in a concealing brown color. Made...
Prices from £ 8.06

Black Cat Frontzone Leader

The leader is a crucial element of your rig in catfish angli...
Prices from £ 25.71

Black Cat Zeus Universal Leader

The simply indestructible Zeus Universal Leader offers the a...
Prices from £ 29.39

Black Cat Braided lines S-Line

8-strand, round, extremely durable, braided main line for al...
Prices from £ 18.37

Mivardi Carp fishing braids Monster Reflex Braid

Extremely strong braided line with smooth and compact surfac...
Prices from £ 22.86

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Spliceable Leader Line

This 16 yarns PE braid is specially developed for easy splic...
Prices from £ 11.43

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT 8-Braid

Soft, strong and round 8-braid (HMPE), in a highly visible,...
Prices from £ 44.69

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Cat Cable

The thickest, strongest and most reliable hoolink material i...
Prices from £ 8.06

DAM Madcat Braided lines MADCAT Power Leader

A dense and tightly braided, sinking leader material contain...
Prices from £ 8.06

Jaxon Braided lines Sumato Catfish 250m

Strong catfish briad, colour: dark green. Presenting JAXON...
Prices from £ 12.24

Dragon Braided lines Giant Cat 8X

– professional catfish braid for reel spool and rigs – 8X c...
Prices from £ 6.22

Jaxon Braided lines Black Horse 8X Catfish

Thicker braids for catfish anglers. In case of BLACK HORSE...
Prices from £ 21.84