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LiveTarget Hollow Body Craw Jig

Form meets function in the LIVETARGET Hollow Body Craw. By s...
Prices from £ 9.59

Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig

Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jigs are built on a 32824NP-BN Ultra...
Prices from £ 3.88

Rapala Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig

The Rap-V Pike Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple lu...
Prices from £ 10.82

Rapala Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig

The Rap-V Perch Bladed Jig combines elements from multiple l...
Prices from £ 10.20

Qu-on Verage Swimmer Jig Another Edition

To smoke out bass, head shape pushes water a lot. Action can...
Prices from £ 2.33

Qu-on Verage Swimmer Jig

Monster bass is fundamentally staying under top layer of wee...
Prices from £ 2.33

Westin Lures BladeBite Tungsten Bladed Jig

The key to the BladeBite is the vibration and action, with a...
Prices from £ 8.85

Savage Gear Lures Skirt Flirt Jig

When finesse presentation is the difference between catching...
Prices from £ 4.90

Gunki Lures Jigger Jig

As its name suggests, we developed this small lead-free meta...
Prices from £ 7.65

Rapala Lures Jigging Shadow Rap

Following in the footsteps of the original Rapala® Jigging R...
Prices from £ 12.45

Tiemco Lures PDL Bait Finesse Jig EVO

Introducing a new series EVO at a reasonable price for the p...
Prices from £ 6.12

Molix Skirted Jigs Nano Jig

The Skirted Jigs Molix Nano Jig is designed for finesse appl...
Prices from £ 4.80

Molix Skirted Jigs Kento Jig

The Molix Kento Jig is built with versatility in mind. Each...
Prices from £ 4.80

Mandula Chełm Hand Made Mandula Lift

Mandula is an unusual lure designed in Russia and Ukraine. I...
Prices from £ 0.98

K Niemy Jigs

Jigs made from the finest materials available on the market.
Prices from £ 2.16

Manyfik GEORGE

This lure came to Poland from the USA and became popular amo...
Prices from £ 3.05