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Fly Tying Tools
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Stonfo Elite Bodkin

Extra user-friendly bodkin. Produced with stainless steel ma...
Prices from £ 9.80

Stonfo Trimmer 727

Precision cutter indispensable for the finishing of your fli...
Prices from £ 8.78

Stonfo Thread Cutter 725

Tool equipped with a special V-blade that allows to cut the...
Prices from £ 7.86

Stonfo CDC Feathers Block 723

Block with grooves of different length to easily fold the fe...
Prices from £ 6.22

Smhaen Half Hitch Tool with a built in Cutter

The SMHAEN half hitch tool is currently the only half hitch...
Prices from £ 29.59

Smhaen Master Dubbing Twister

The Dubbing twister is in a midge size, blue color. This siz...
Prices from £ 32.24

FMFly Self-opening Spring Scissors Gold Handle

Very convenient to use self-opening fly tying scissors for d...
Prices from £ 5.51

FutureFly 10Years Anniversary Razor Scissors

This is our Anniversary Razor Scissor - 10Years ago we start...
Prices from £ 18.78

Hareline Dubbin Tyflyz Toolz Pinch Stacker

Tap, pinch, remove, release and tie on.
Prices from £ 31.43

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 3,5" Eco Arrow Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from £ 11.43

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 4in All Purpose Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from £ 19.80

Dr. Slick Dr Slick 3,5'' Micro Tip Arrow Scissors

The DR.SLICK Company is one of the leading suppliers of high...
Prices from £ 26.94

FutureFly Predator Neddles

Our FF Predator Neddles comes with an adapter. It holds our...
Prices from £ 15.71

Veniard TC Premium Rotary Whip Finish Tool

Finisher Veniard from the latest series of titanium coated i...
Prices from £ 6.63

Veniard TC Premium Bobbin Holder

Two models of Veniard bobbin holders from the latest series...
Prices from £ 8.47

Stonfo Elite Threader 639

Extra user-friendly tool to thread the bobbin holder. It is...
Prices from £ 13.06

Stonfo Bended Bodkin 693

Stainless steel bodkin with characteristic “U” shape. Indisp...
Prices from £ 10.10

Stonfo Elite Conical Finisher 591

Extra user-friendly conical finisher. It is produced with st...
Prices from £ 14.29

Loon Outdoors Loon Razor Scissor 4 Inch

Sharp, comfortable, sharp, precise, and sharp. Appropriately...
Prices from £ 32.86

Hareline Dubbin Material Clamp Set

Designed for easy preparation and handling of materials for...
Prices from £ 35.10

FutureFly FutureFly Tube Vise

The FF TubeVise is made for one reason, to tie flies, tubefl...
Prices from £ 137.14

Veniard Lightweight Ceramic Insert Bobin Holder

Veniard Lightweight CI Bobbin Holder - A nicely styled light...
Prices from £ 5.61

Smhaen Classic Bobbin Holders

Smhaen Classic Bobbin Holders are tradditional style bobbin...
Prices from £ 43.06

FutureFly Toolbar

FF Toolbar in aluminium. A magnet in the end.
Prices from £ 21.43

FutureFly Hackle Tool

This FF Hackle Tool has been under developing for a few year...
Prices from £ 7.14

FutureFly Standart Bobbin

FF Standart Bobbin With a good grip. Smooth tube and perfect...
Prices from £ 7.35

FutureFly Zonker Tool

FF Zonker Tool is the perfect tool to hold your skin when cu...
Prices from £ 18.98

FutureFly Tubevise Neddles

It has taking us a long time to find the right steel and dim...
Prices from £ 9.39

Loon Outdoors Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit

The Core Fly Tying Tool Kit and the Accessory Fly Tying Tool...
Prices from £ 152.45

Loon Outdoors Loon Core Fly Tying Tool Kit

The tool kit around which benches are built. Packaged in a h...
Prices from £ 77.35

Loon Outdoors Ergo Comb

The solution to stubborn fibers. The solution to unruly mate...
Prices from £ 19.39

Regal Travel Vise with Aluminum Pocket Base

The REGAL TRAVEL VISE is the perfect vise to fit in your boa...
Prices from £ 225.71

Regal Inex Vise with Regular Jaws and C-clamp

If you are a fly tying beginner, or just looking for a moder...
Prices from £ 177.35
Tying your own flies is a beautiful hobby, it calms you down, calms you down, teaches you humility and patience.
A fish caught with a handmade fly is very enjoyable and remains in the memory for many years. In addition, thanks to this, we do not have to limit ourselves to the market offer, it is enough to let your imagination run wild and plunge into the world of flytying. In this section you will find fly tying tools and all kinds of necessary accessories that help in tying specific fly elements. It does not matter if I am just starting this beautiful adventure or if we ate our teeth during fly fishing.
Our offer includes tools for making flies from well-known and reputable brands, such as Swiss Mark Petitjean, Italian Stonfo, Dr. Slick, Snowbee, Renzetti, Loon, Veniard or Hareline.