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Preston Centris SD

Preston Centris SD
New 2024!
The Centris SD Reels build on the huge successes of the prev...
Prices from £ 129.59

Shimano Aero XR

The Aero XR is a technically advanced match and feeder reel...
Prices from £ 125.51

Daiwa 23' TDR Distance 25 QD *

Daiwa 23' TDR Distance 25 QD *
New 2024!
The power reel for feder fishing – with 25mm spool stroke an...
Prices from £ 243.47

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder Reel

Flagman Squadron Flow Feeder Reel
New 2024!
Prices from £ 33.67

Flagman Legend Feeder

Flagman Legend Feeder
New 2024!
Prices from £ 40.82

Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman

Daiwa Kołowrotki 23' Matchman
New 2024!
The starter model from the DAIWA Match & Feeder reels – insp...
Prices from £ 53.47

Daiwa 23' Ninja Match & Feeder LT

Daiwa 23' Ninja Match & Feeder LT
New 2024!
The 23' Ninja Match & Feeder models with Airdrive Design – s...
Prices from £ 75.71

Delphin IXCELA

An unbeatable model among compact reels! Delphin IXCELA has...
Prices from £ 60.82

Delphin IXTREK

IXTREK is expanding its range of compact reels with a front...
Prices from £ 50.61

Daiwa Tournament Feeder 25 QD reel

Longcast tool with power gear.DAIWA Big Pit reels with 25mm...
Prices from £ 315.71

DAM Quick Impulse 8 Feeder reels

This high-end feeder reel features the best components avail...
Prices from £ 42.65

DAM Quick Impulse 4 Feeder FD Reels

Specifically designed for the art of feeder fishing, this ca...
Prices from £ 27.96

Dragon Reels Megabaits Team Feeder FD

• Body and rotor made of titanium-graphite composite NCRT...
Prices from £ 105.10

Preston Extremity Feeder Reels

Distance feeder fishing has become an incredibly popular sty...
Prices from £ 85.71

Ryobi Reels Riken Method Feeder

■ body, rotor: graphite composite ■ gear: CNC ■ spool: dur...
Prices from £ 48.98

DAM Quick Quick 2 Feeder FD reels

The Quick 2 range just got even better with the addition of...
Prices from £ 30.82

Preston Intensity Feeder Reels

The Intensity Feeder Reels have been designed with one thing...
Prices from £ 100.00

Preston Magnitude Reels

The Magnitude reel range has been developed to cope with the...
Prices from £ 119.39

Preston Inertia reels

The Inertia reels are perfect for the angler that's constrai...
Prices from £ 60.82

Preston Centris NT

The Centris NT reels have been in development for over 2 yea...
Prices from £ 122.24

Daiwa Tournament QD Reels

Ultra-strong match and feeder reel for highest demands. With...
Prices from £ 295.92

Dragon Mega Baits Method Feeder HS FD800

• 7 stainless steel ball bearings • Infinitive Anti-Reverse...
Prices from £ 35.71

DAM Quick Quick 4 FD METHOD Reels

Reels Quick 4 FD METHOD are new development in the entire Qu...
Prices from £ 76.94

Daiwa N'Zon Reels N‘Zon Plus LT

The new N´Zon Plus reel series also features the LT concept...
Prices from £ 165.51

Daiwa Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD Reels

Durable long-distance reel Daiwa Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD. The...
Prices from £ 187.14

Daiwa TDM QD Reels

Reels Daiwa TDM QD developed for match and feeder fishing. C...
Prices from £ 145.71

Daiwa GS LTD Reels

The Reels Daiwa GS LTD resemble an icone thanks to the combi...
Prices from £ 87.76