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Catfish Floats
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Black Cat Mushroom U-Float

Black Cat Mushroom U-Float
New 2024!
Innovative U-Float creation based upon the shape of a mushro...
Prices from £ 3.94

Black Cat Reflector Boom

Highly visible and reflective outrigger system for fishing w...
Prices from £ 6.73

Black Cat Bottom Float

Anti-tangle boom with integrated floating device for bank an...
Prices from £ 7.55

Black Cat Catfish Maxi Foam Float

Buoyant, 100, 200 and 300gram EVA drift floats guarantee per...
Prices from £ 8.27

Black Cat Catfish Micro U-Float

The small, streamlined floating devices, available in weight...
Prices from £ 4.49

Black Cat Catfish Darter U-Float

As silent as the flight of an arrow through the air, the Dar...
Prices from £ 2.65

Black Cat Catfish Surface Float Black Edition

Classic outrigger float in tried and trusted design – painte...
Prices from £ 7.04

Black Cat Catfish Rattle U-Float

Underwater lift float with embedded noise capsules to attrac...
Prices from £ 3.88

Black Cat Catfish Floats U-Float

A favourite of Stefan Seuß.
Prices from £ 2.04

Black Cat Catfish Float

With insert tip and light stick adapter
Prices from £ 4.80

Black Cat Catfish Vibro Underwater Float

With several noise-making capsules
Prices from £ 3.10

Black Cat Catfish Round Float

Round with snap light adaptor
Prices from £ 3.73

Black Cat Catfish Black Cat Float

This float specially designed for drift fishing and shore an...
Prices from £ 2.82

Black Cat Catfish Floats EVA U-Float

A new development from Stefan Seuß. The EVA U-floats behave...
Prices from £ 1.76

Black Cat Catfish Reflex Float

Special outrigger float for fishing to trees, hedges, bushes...
Prices from £ 4.29

Black Cat Catfish Floats Tree U-Float

Tree U-Float, made in Germany. This special U-Float creates...
Prices from £ 3.10

Black Cat Propeller U-Float Silent

Low-noise version of the Propeller U-Float, manufactured wit...
Prices from £ 5.10

Black Cat Propeller U-Float

The new Propeller U-Float is fitted with robust, light metal...
Prices from £ 5.10

Black Cat Propeller Cat Prop

A propeller to send Catfish into a spin! The propeller simpl...
Prices from £ 6.22

DAM Madcat MADCAT Adjusta Subfloats

Hollow, ABS subfloats. Can be filled with water, to adjust t...
Prices from £ 3.06

DAM Madcat MADCAT Screaming Subfloats

These hollow, ABS subfloats may very well be the most advanc...
Prices from £ 6.43

DAM Madcat MADCAT Subfloat Balls

Ball-shaped subfloats with slightly flattened ends and a buo...
Prices from £ 4.69

DAM Madcat MADCAT Propellor Subfloats

Super strong, PU underwater floats with wings. Will spin in...
Prices from £ 2.76

DAM Madcat MADCAT Rattlin’ Buoy Floats

A float to be used in combination with a buoy. Ensures you t...
Prices from £ 6.73

DAM Madcat MADCAT Cigar Floats

Cigar-shaped, hard foam, in-line catfish floats. Available...
Prices from £ 6.73

DAM Madcat MADCAT Chemical Light Floats

Series of four, egg-shaped, hard foam catfish floats. Extrem...
Prices from £ 7.35

Expert Live bait floats 204-58 & 204-59

Live bait floats made of polystyrene with a central passage....
Prices from £ 3.39