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Flagman S-Carp Tele Match

Flagman S-Carp Tele Match
New 2024!
Prices from £ 33.67

Flagman Cast Master Tele Match

Flagman Cast Master Tele Match
New 2024!
Prices from £ 40.82

Abu Garcia Beast Pike Deadbait

BEAST is the number one sub brand for avid pike anglers. Aft...
Prices from £ 89.80

Jaxon Tenesa Tele Carpinus SHT rods

Popular Jaxon carp rods in a telescopic version, differing i...
Prices from £ 25.51

Jaxon Tenesa Tele Carp TRT Rods

Popular Jaxon carp rods in a telescopic version, differing i...
Prices from £ 26.12

DAM Rods Base-X Tele 100

The Base-X Tele 100 offers a lot of rod for little money. A...
Prices from £ 22.04

DAM Rods Backbone II Tele

The Backbone II Tele rods feature durable and powerful 24TC...
Prices from £ 32.65

DAM Rods Backbone II Stellfisch

The Backbone II Stellfisch rods are long and powerful 24TC c...
Prices from £ 60.61

Dragon Rods Mega Baits Compact Hunter 60 - Trophy 90 - Power 150

A group of solid tele rods for ground techniques, from a lig...
Prices from £ 39.80

DAM Rods Spezi Stick II

The DAM Spezi Stick II rods are the latest generation of one...
Prices from £ 30.00

Daiwa Black Widow XT Bait rods

With the Black Widow XT Bait DAIWA offers universally applic...
Prices from £ 50.20

DAM Rods Adjusta Tele Trout II

Everything you loved about the original Adjusta Tele Trout r...
Prices from £ 44.90

DAM Rods PTS II Distance

These lightweight yet powerful carbon rods intended for dist...
Prices from £ 60.61

DAM Rods PTS II Tele Trout II

The perfect companion to any trip where you want to pack lig...
Prices from £ 41.63

DAM Rods PTS II Bombarda

When fishing long distances with bombardas or sbriolinos, yo...
Prices from £ 52.45

DAM Rods PTS II Sbirolino

Bring the power to your sbirolino fishing game with this upg...
Prices from £ 44.90

DAM Base-X Tele Stellfisch Rods

The Base-X Tele Stellfisch rods are long and powerful telesc...
Prices from £ 36.73

DAM Rods Base-X Tele Spin

The Base-X Tele Spin is the best choice telescopic rod for b...
Prices from £ 13.06

DAM Base-X Tele Pike Rods

The Base-X Tele Pike is a powerful telescopic rod which is i...
Prices from £ 17.55

Jaxon Rods Eclatis Tele Allround

Universal Jaxon telescopic rods suitable for both float fish...
Prices from £ 30.41