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Monofilament mainlines for predator fishing
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Dragon Monofilament Lines Super Camou Spinn

Camouflage spinning fishing line with reduced stretch. The c...
Prices from £ 2.65

Dragon Monofilament Lines Super Camou Clear

Super Camou Clear Dragon Absolutely transparent, invisible...
Prices from £ 0.96

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millenium Perch

Millenium Perch - a soft, extremely smooth and twist free li...
Prices from £ 2.44

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millenium Trout

Very strong and abrasion resistant spinning Line. Special fl...
Prices from £ 2.44

Dragon Fishmaker Ocean Blue

Dragon Fishmaker Ocean Blue
New 2023!
Prices from £ 2.67

Dragon Team Dragon Mono.Clear

Dragon Team Dragon Mono.Clear
New 2023!
Prices from £ 2.67

Shimano Technium line

Shimano Technium line
New 2023!
The triple core technology in Technium mono has always made...
Prices from £ 39.10

Trabucco Monofilament Lines T-Force Spinning Perch

Designed for perch spinning and deadbaiting. Very high knot...
Prices from £ 8.15

Savage Gear Monofilament Lines Silencer Mono

Super silent, soft and low stretch mono line, with a high br...
Prices from £ 4.56

Sufix Monofilament Lines Ultra Knot

Sufix Ultra Knot is a low-memory, supple monofilament line....
Prices from £ 6.42

YGK Monofilament Lines X-Braid UGO M5

● Newly designed super soft W-DUM nylon adopted ● Dramatic...
Prices from £ 5.30

Quantum Monofilament Lines Quattron Salsa

Transparent red line with outstanding qualities. The red col...
Prices from £ 8.25

Varivas Monofilaments Mebaru Gate Nylon

- VEP Manufacturing : 20X (times) the abrasion-resistance of...
Prices from £ 8.25

Varivas Monofilaments Super Soft Nylon

- Premium Nylon material incorporating unique “MA” process,...
Prices from £ 8.45

Varivas Monofilaments Game Nylon

Super strong, tournament IGFA class Game Nylon. Designed to...
Prices from £ 11.00

Varivas Monofilaments Absolute CB Nylon

Absolute CB Nylon "Cover Breaker" made especially for bass a...
Prices from £ 9.67

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM80 v.2 MONO 150m

New generation of hybrid line, made in the process of so-cal...
Prices from £ 4.81

Dragon Monofilament mainlines HM69 Pro v.2 MONO 150m

New hybrid line, which contains in standard nylon structure...
Prices from £ 4.15

Sufix Monofilament Lines XL Strong

Sufix XL Strong is an exceptionally soft, smooth and supple...
Prices from £ 10.08

Sufix DuraFlex

Sufix Duraflex is an ultra-premium monofilament line with ne...
Prices from £ 7.23

RtB Refuse to Blank Monofilament Lines RTB ADV Light Game

- Special monofilament line for light spinning fishing -...
Prices from £ 3.42

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon Supreme

Team Dragon Supreme is a line designed for light fishing usi...
Prices from £ 2.81

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon INVISIBLE

A sister product of the Supreme fishing line, which shares i...
Prices from £ 2.25

Dragon Monofilament Lines Team Dragon SPINN 2020

Top class fishing line designed for fishing using spinning t...
Prices from £ 1.69

Sufix Monofilament Lines Nanoline

The Sufix Nanoline spinning line has been developed for fish...
Prices from £ 6.92

Owner Monofilament Lines Broad - Green

OWNER BROAD Green High end mono line. Green camou colour m...
Prices from £ 4.18

Dragon Monofilament Lines Street Fishing Perch Leader

Specialist line for leaders when using braid as main line fo...
Prices from £ 1.11

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millennium Trout

Fantastic trout fishing line. Resistant to abrasion, protect...
Prices from £ 2.22

Dragon Monofilament Lines Millennium Perch

Soft and very smooth fishing line, without memory. Ideally p...
Prices from £ 2.22

Fujishi Monofilament Lines TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS.

The TEAM FUJISHI BI COLOR H.VIS. is a high visible monofilam...
Prices from £ 5.40

Sufix Mono fishing lines Advance Hi-Vis Yellow

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from £ 5.80

Sufix Monofilament Lines Advance Lo-Vis Green

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from £ 8.35

Sufix Advance Clear Monofilament Lines

Advance Hi-Vis Green received EFTTEX Awards 2017 Best Monofi...
Prices from £ 7.13

Gamakatsu Monofilament Lines Super G-Line

As Super G-line Flex, also this is a great line made by high...
Prices from £ 2.85

Dragon Specialist Pro - Spinn & Cast

Versatile, modern line for most of the methods used for spin...
Prices from £ 4.24

Owner Broad Blue Eye

Owner Broad – a new generation of a Japanese line. Transpare...
Prices from £ 8.66


A connect-spooled nylon line born in order for the customers...
Prices from £ 3.05