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Fly Tying Feathers
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FutureFly Signature Hen Saddle

We have been searching for feathers for our Micro and Nano f...
Prices from £ 16.53

Wapsi Feathers Grizzly Marabou

This small Grizzly Chicken Marabou is also knows as Grizzly...
Prices from £ 3.67

Metz Cock Half Neck

Prices from £ 30.00

Veniard Feathers Grey English Partridge Neck

Great partridge feathers for hackles of wet flies and nymphs...
Prices from £ 3.27

Metz Hen Saddle

Genetic hen saddle caps from specialist Metz breeding. Great...
Prices from £ 15.31

Metz Hen Neck

Large hen neck caps from the genetic breeding of Metz. The c...
Prices from £ 30.41

Metz Micro Barb Cock Saddle

Top quality Metz Micro Barb saddles for tying dry flies. Sad...
Prices from £ 106.73

Hareline Dubbin Saltwater Cape

Large neck caps from specialized American breeding. They hav...
Prices from £ 18.78

Hareline Dubbin Flat Wing Saddles

Genetic Flat Wing Saddles rooster saddles with long feathers...
Prices from £ 39.80

Veniard Loose Cock Saddle Hackle Large

Loose Cock Saddle Hackle Large 2 gram - Packets of dyed and...
Prices from £ 1.92

Veniard Brown Partridge Back

A traditional material for hackling spiders and wets.
Prices from £ 5.16

Veniard GP tippet 1/2 collar dyed

A generous half collar
Prices from £ 4.69

Veniard Partridge Shoulder feathers

A traditional material for hackling spiders and wets
Prices from £ 4.90

Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin

An unbelievable amount of useable material. Great for a huge...
Prices from £ 39.18

Veniard Cock Pheasant Hopper Legs

Knotted by hand, perfect for legs on hoppers.
Prices from £ 3.57

Hareline Dubbin Hen Cape

Large genetic neck caps of American-bred hens. Great feather...
Prices from £ 23.06

Hareline Dubbin Hen Saddle

Genetic hen saddle caps from American breeding. Great feathe...
Prices from £ 22.65

FutureFly Rooster Saddle Feather

Our FF Rooster Saddle Feather is a high quality product. We...
Prices from £ 4.04

Griffin Griffin Hook & Hackle Guage

This handy gauge fits most vise stems. To determine hackle s...
Prices from £ 8.16

Wapsi Ringneck Tail Feathers

With our Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feathers you get one pair, d...
Prices from £ 4.59

Wapsi Pheasant Skin

Prices from £ 15.31

FMFly Peacock Herl

Prices from £ 1.31

Metz Magnum Neck

Prices from £ 70.00