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Materials for tube flies, hooks, doubles and trebles
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FutureFly Soft Knot Control

Small siliconetube to be cut in the length you need to secur...
Prices from £ 2.69

FutureFly Intruder Shanks

Intruder Shanks in very quality, light and strong. The eye i...
Prices from £ 3.65

Sprite Hooks Hooks Tube Fly Single S1980 - 25 pcs.

Contemporary Tube single suitable for all smaller tube flies...
Prices from £ 7.96

FutureFly Predator Tubes 4.6mm

The new 4.6mm Predator Tube is a flexible tube in the same m...
Prices from £ 4.08

FutureFly Balance Tungsten Tubes

FF tungsten Balance tube is the perfekt way to weight your t...
Prices from £ 4.67

FutureFly MV-Disc

FutureFly MV-Disc is our first product in moulded plastic pa...
Prices from £ 2.16

FutureFly Dyski Predator ConeHeads

They are 10mm and have a holesize in 4,7mm, so they fit perf...
Prices from £ 2.86

FutureFly HybridCone

The FF HybridCone is a fusion between a Traditional Conehead...
Prices from £ 3.96

FutureFly Brass Beads

FF Brass Beads can be used as a body, under the wing as weig...
Prices from £ 2.61

FutureFly Tungsten Bead for tube flies

FF Tungsten beads is extremely popular. It gets your fly dow...
Prices from £ 4.80

FutureFly Nano UfoDisc

The Nano Ufo came to our mind in Norway August 2012, low wat...
Prices from £ 3.57

FutureFly Tungsten Nano UfoDisc

We made our extremely popular Nano Disc in tungsten.. If you...
Prices from £ 5.20

FutureFly AttiTubes

Attitubes is basically a US-Tube in black with a striking po...
Prices from £ 2.78

FutureFly XL US Tube

The princip is the same as the Classic Us-tube. But here the...
Prices from £ 2.78

FutureFly US Tube

The FutureFly US Tube has been on the market for many years,...
Prices from £ 2.45

FutureFly Sveppur

FF Sveppur and Svepper Slug are made for one reason. To bala...
Prices from £ 4.29

Stonfo Stonfo Flat Conehead

Flat conehead in machined brass. The particular shape create...
Prices from £ 4.49

Stonfo Stonfo Clear plastic tubes

Clear rigid plastic tube. Create tube flies and any tying an...
Prices from £ 2.00

Stonfo Stonfo Metal Tubes

Machined conic metal tube. Create tube flies and any tying a...
Prices from £ 6.02

FMFly Shumakov tubes

In designing these new tubes, Jurij Shumakov opened the way...
Prices from £ 2.53

FMFly Cone Heads 7mm

7mm Cone Heads fit to inner tubes. Available in colours: or...
Prices from £ 1.06

FMFly Brass Pro Sonic Disc

Perfect for finishing a tube fly and adding life to your fly...
Prices from £ 1.47

Veniard Tube Liner

Medical quality polythene tubing for lining bottle tubes. Th...
Prices from £ 1.92

K Niemy Inner Tubes 1,8mm XT18

Inner Tubes for tube flies XT18 are available at the best pr...
Prices from £ 1.96

K Niemy Outer Tubes 3mm XT30

The outer tubes are soft enough that it is not necessary to...
Prices from £ 1.76

Hemingway's Junction Tube

Soft PVC has been designed to fit on to the Brass US tubing,...
Prices from £ 0.77

Veniard Silicone Rubber Tubing

Extra soft and pliable, this tubing has been specially manuf...
Prices from £ 1.27

Owner Double hooks STD36BC

Double hooks with narrow eye. Recommended especially for tub...
Prices from £ 5.61

Partridge of Redditch Fly Hooks Patriot Nordic Tube Double

Specifically designed for fishing the rivers of Scandinavia...
Prices from £ 8.88

Owner Treble Hooks STN36BC Narrow Eye

Owner STN36BC Narrow Eye trebles are recommended for tube fl...
Prices from £ 6.94