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FOX Captive Backleads MK2

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Despite the huge variety and sheer volume of products each and every one of them shares a few things in common. Firstly and most importantly they have been designed by carp anglers for carp anglers. Meaning that our product team have drawn on years of angling experience to bring you the products that you need to benefi t your angling. For example we haven’t taken an old sea fi shing reel and marketed it as a carp fi shing reel like the majority of our competitors, oh no, we sat down and designed reels specifi cally for carp fi shing because we believe carp anglers deserve purpose-designed products and shouldn’t be afterthoughts!
A second common feature is that every product has been built from top quality materials to exacting standards to ensure that when you invest your hard earned money into a Fox product you receive outstanding value for that money. Our products are tested extensively by many of the best anglers in Europe to ensure that when you get your hands on them you’ll love them just as much as the likes of Mark Pitchers or Rob Hughes does.
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