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Deliveries from Ryobi, Penn and Mivardi

New Products

We start this news with a large supply of Ryobi reels. Popular models from this manufacturer are again available at attractive prices!

Ecusima Reels

Zauber Reels

Virtus Reels

A supply of Penn reels has also appeared in our warehouse.

Battle III Reels

Fierce III Reels

After a long absence, the effective models of Akara lures have returned to the offer.

Carrier Lures

Deep Props Lures

Expert Lures

Kiddy Lures

Crook 35F Lures

We have received the long-awaited delivery of Shelter Base Station tents from Mivardi.


Illex Lures

Awaruna Evo Lures

Westin Salty Inline Lures

Shimano Twin Power XD FA 4000 XG Reels

Hunter Lures

Kenart Lures

Special Prices

Black Rock FD525i Reels

for 11.54 GBP, cheaper by 8.65 GBP!

SPRO Reels

from 24.04 GBP, up to 35% cheaper!

SPRO Spinning Rods

from 22.12 GBP, up to 40% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka