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Fox Rage bags, Westin limited colors, new products from Fox!

New Products

We start this news with the novelties of the Fox Rage brand. In our shop you will now find excellent spinning bags and backpacks from the Voyager Camo series.

Voyager Camo Large Holdall Bag

Voyager Camo Medium Holdall Bag

Voyager Camo Rucksack Backpack

Voyager Camo Large Stacker Bag

Voyager Camo Medium Carryall Bag

Voyager Camo Large Carryall Bag

Westin proudly presents three limited colors designed by international predator legend Luc Coppens. These three colors (Firetiger Ghost, Golden Ghost, Dream Bream) are available in suspending Swim 12 cm and BuzzBite 6 cm. As always, limited colors are available in limited numbers.

BuzzBite Crankbait Hard Lures

Firetiger Ghost

BuzzBite Crankbait Hard Lures

Golden Ghost

BuzzBite Crankbait Hard Lures

Dream Bream

Swim Glidebait 12cm 58g Sinking

Firetiger Ghost

Swim Glidebait 12cm 58g Sinking

Golden Ghost

Swim Glidebait 12cm 58g Sinking

Dream Bream

The new Horizon X3 rods, lines and clothes can be found in the FOX offer. After an almost six-month break, we have received a delivery of popular Frontier X tents!

Fox Horizon X3 Abbreviated Handle 12ft 2.75lb

Fox Horizon X3 Abbreviated Handle 12ft 3.00lb Rods

Carp Mono Monofilament Lines

Collection Green & Silver Joggers

Collection Orange & Black T-shirt

Frontier X Bivvy

The range of Fish-Up lures now includes a new series of Morio Crawfish Trout Series lures. New colors and sizes have also appeared in other series of lures from this manufacturer.

Morio Crawfish Trout Series Soft baits

Wizzle Shad Soft baits

new size 5 inch

Yochu Cheese Trout Series Soft baits

new colors

Tanta Cheese Trout Series Soft baits

new colors

New lures have also appeared in the offer of the SPRO brand.

Ripple Profighter 145 MW & DD Hard Lures

IRIS Baby Ambush Spinnerbait Lures

IRIS Baby Thrillseeker Lures

Iris The Frog Lures

From Jaxon we have a new UJ-FRU fishing vest with a buoyancy insert.

The Dragon T-shirt offer includes the "Dragon HM Fishing Rods T-shirt" pattern.


Shimano lures

Fox Rage lures

Japanese Megabass lures

Guideline Flyfishing Equiment

Dorado lures

Akara hard lures

Special Prices

Savage Gear soft baits - selected series

Prices from 1.92 GBP
up to 40% cheaper

Prologic products - different series

Prices from 2.50 GBP
up to 45% cheaper

FOX Leads

at a price from 1.00 GBP
up to 50% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka