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Japanese Shimano Shimano Baitcasting Reels, Preston products and new Tiemco lures!

New Products

We start this news with information about new Shimano Baitcasting Reels! Japanese Ocea Conquest Baitcasting Round Reels are already in stock!
In addition, the popular series of reels, including Twin Power, have expanded with new sizes.
Selected Shimano products are available at a special, lower price!

Baitcasting Round Reels

Twin Power FD Reels

Twin Power XD Reels

Nexave FI Reels

Nexave FE Reels

Bantam Rip Flash Hard Lures

new colors

Subsequent deliveries of Preston Innovations products reach our warehouse!
The database of available products is constantly expanded, so it is worth being up to date - to check all available products, click on the logo!

Carbonactive Supera Feeder Rods

Magnitude Reels

Waterproof Bobble Hat

Neoprene Gloves

Wire Bait up Feeders

In-Line Flat Method Feeders

You will find new lures in the offer of the well-known and appreciated Japanese brand Tiemco!

Hecate 7 Hard Baits

Soft Shell Cicada Lures

PDL Locoism Vibra Shrimp Lures

PDL Locoism Buzzing Grub Lures

Riot Blade Lures

new size - 20mm 5g

Laks 50S Lures

new colors

Straight from the Land of the Rising Sun, we have a new series of Zipbaits lures - Rigge Vib and ZBL Vib lures. Zipbaits is one of the leading Japanese producers of high quality lures!

New products also appeared in the offer of the Polish brand Dorado. This is a new series of Seeker Twitch lures and a new size (14 cm) of Flicker Jerk lures.

Jigger Jig lures are a novelty from the Gunki brand for the 2022 season!

New carp rods and aluminium storm poles can be found in the FOX brand offer!

EOS Pro Traveller Rods

Eos Pro Rods

Cam Lok Storm Pole

For fly fishermen, we have another dose of new materials and Hareline fly tools!

Zap Roe And Go

Senyo's Fusion Dub

Half Grizzly Saddle

Grizzly Streamer Cape

Ceramic Tubed Standard Bobbin

Tyflyz Toolz Pinch Stacker


Fox Duralite XL Chair

13 Fishing Baitcasting Reels

Guideline Flyfishing Equiment

Headbanger Lures

FishUp Soft baits

Strike Pro lures

Special Prices

Scierra Yosemite Wading Jackets

Price from 211.54 GBP
up to 45.96 GBP cheaper!

Shimano Aero X1 Feeder Rods

Price from 34.62 Eur
selected models up to 30% cheaper!

Daiwa Ballistic X UL Spin Rods

Price from 59.62 Eur
up to 35% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka