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New products Rapala 2021

New products

We start this news with the much-anticipated new lures from Rapala, we have several new series, and we also have new sizes and colors in well-known series.

CountDown Elite Hard Lures

new series

Slab Rap Jigging Lures

new series

X-Rap Pop Lures

new series

CountDown Squid Lures

new series

Deep Squid Lures

new series

Floating Magnum Hard Lures

new size 11cm

X-Rap Magnum Hard Lures

new sizes 10 and 15 cm

X-Rap Magnum Xplode

new colors

X-Rap Peto

new colors

X-Rap Otus

new colors


new color Halloween

We also have new lures from Sakura, which we present below:

R-JIG Bucktail Lures

Mister Joe Lures

new size 120

Phoxy Minnow HW Lures

new colors

SCB Crank Lures

new colors

From Salmo, we have a delivery of Rattlin Hornet Shallow lures designed for shallow water fishing and new colors of the Slider jerkbaits.

Rattlin Hornet Shallow Hard Lures

Slider Jerkbaits

new colors

From Penn we have a delivery of the latest reels available at attractive special prices.

Penn Affinity III Longcast Reels

Penn Battle III Longcast Reels

From the Dorado company we have their two newest lures, Bombon and Courier Cykada.

Courier Cykada Lures

Bombon Hard Lures

We have also finished updating the offer of the French brand Adam's, at the moment we have 48 series at your disposal.

From Akara we have a new series of Deep Snoop 120 F lures and new colors in the Pander 105 F series.

Deep Snoop 120 F Hard Lures

Pander 105 F Hard Lures

From Kenart we have new Master lures, the main purpose of which is asp.

We have a limited offer at a special price from a Deeper fishfinder distributor. Now the Deeper CHIRP + model for 244.69 GBP, 40.82 GBP cheaper.


Blue Fox Lures

Marc Petitjean Swiss tools

WileyX Sunglasses

DAM Yagi Spin Rods

Kairiki 8 Braided lines

FOX Duralite XL Chair

Special prices

Rapala Rap-V Blade Lures

for 7.96 GBP

Penn Squadron II Inner Boat Rods

Price from 40.82 GBP, different models

Revo Inshore Spin Reels

Price from 122.45 GBP, different sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka