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Savage Gear, Prologic, DAM - new products 2022

New Products

We start this news with a huge supply of new products from Savage Gear, Prologic and DAM brands for the 2022 season. Our warehouse has already received, among others lures, fishing rods and reels. Subsequent deliveries will successively appear in our warehouse, which we will keep you informed about. Below is a list of new products:

SGS6 Ultra Light Game Rods

SGS6 Light Game Rods

SGS6 Jerkbait Rods

SGS6 Topwater & SoftLure Rods

SGS6 All-Around Rods

SGS6 Long Casting Rods

SGS6 Eging Rods

SGS6 Shore Jigging Rods

SGS6 Offshore Plug Rods

SGS6 Ika & Jig Trigger Rods

SGS6 Slow Jigging Trigger Rods

Sardine Slider Sea lures

SG4 Shore Game Rods

SG4 Travel Shore Game Rods

Neoprene Reel Cover

Avenger BF Reels

Element XD BF Reels

Fulcrum Utility Tent & Condenser Wrap

Element XD Reels

Base-X Multipicker Rods

Base-X Feeder Rods

Base-X Match Rods

Base-X Bolo Rods

From Rapala we got a new size (7 cm) of Shadow Rap Jack Deep lures and new BX Skitter Frog lures.

From FOX Rage we have new colors (UV Purple Rain, UV Blue Back, UV Blue Flash) in the Slick Shads Ultra UV and Zander Pro Shads Ultra UV series.


Manyfik lures

Flagman products

Guideline products

Westin products

Gunki lures

Deeper Smartphone Mount

Special Prices

Jig Head Expert Classic on Japanese Gamakatsu hooks

from 0.77 GBP per package!

SPRO Lures

from 2.50 GBP!

DUO Tetra Works

from 3.46 GBP, various series!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka