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DAM Fishing Tackle

DAM Eco Big Fish Net

Large landing net with a rigid frame and telescopic handle....
Prices from £ 14.26

DAM Intenze Pellet Waggler Coarse Rod

24T Carbon fiber construction Slim and powerful bla...
Prices from £ 29.94

DAM Intenze Feeder Coarse Rod

24T Carbon fiber construction Slim and powerful bla...
Prices from £ 35.23

DAM Bags O.T.T. EVA Accesorie Bag M

• EVA Base with clear PVC lid • Oversized non-corrosive nyl...
Prices from £ 22.81

DAM Magno Fly Net

Prices from £ 25.46

DAM Imax Intenze Thermo Suit

DAM Imax Intenze Thermo Suit
New 2023!
This 2-piece suit will keep you warm and dry on windy, cold...
Prices from £ 71.28

DAM Iconic Trousers

DAM Iconic Trousers
New 2023!
The do-it-all trousers for active anglers – the Iconic are h...
Prices from £ 47.66

DAM Iconic Wading Jacket

DAM Iconic Wading Jacket
New 2023!
Get out there and fish no matter what the weather forecast s...
Prices from £ 45.82

DAM Intenze Fishing Jacket

DAM Intenze Fishing Jacket
New 2023!
When you need a waterproof and breathable fishing jacket tha...
Prices from £ 59.06

DAM Illuminated Swing Indicator

DAM Illuminated Swing Indicator
New 2023!
Never miss a bite again with this illuminated swing indicato...
Prices from £ 7.43

DAM O.T.T. Thermal Suit

DAM O.T.T. Thermal Suit
New 2023!
Designed for the rigours of feeder fishing in all weather co...
Prices from £ 81.47

DAM Steelhead Iconic Tele Spin

• 24T carbon construction • Slim and powerfull blanks • Sh...
Prices from £ 22.40

DAM Intenze Trout And Perch Stick

• Light and fast 24T carbon construction • SIC long casting...
Prices from £ 29.94

DAM Camovision technical bag

Small bag, not meant for bulky tackle, but more for delicate...
Prices from £ 29.53

DAM Landing net Extreme Net

Prices from £ 30.55

DAM Weedless Spoons

The insider tip for heavily weeded waters. The extra sharp d...
Prices from £ 3.77

DAM Rods Iconic Carp

The most amazing thing about the DAM Iconic Carp rod range i...
Prices from £ 24.44

DAM Iconic Wading Boots Felt

Managing a perfect balance of light weight and durability, t...
Prices from £ 89.41

DAM Iconic Wading Boots Cleated

Managing a perfect balance of light weight and durability, t...
Prices from £ 52.75

DAM Polar Beanie

Classic looking beanie with fleece inside for comfort and to...
Prices from £ 8.15

DAM Classic Fold-Up Beanie

A classic beanie in grey melange soft yarn, to keep you warm...
Prices from £ 5.09

DAM Wool Cap

Cool cap in wool and sports mesh with the classic DAM logo a...
Prices from £ 10.79

DAM O.T.T. Carryall

• Waterproof EVA base, 4cm high • Large side pockets, holds...
Prices from £ 59.27

DAM Foldable Digital Scale 50KG

Digital scale, with two big, handy and foldable handlebars -...
Prices from £ 35.85

DAM Digital Scale 25KG

T-bar shaped, digital scale, for weighing fish up to 25 kilo...
Prices from £ 23.42

DAM HI-T PRO Alarm Multicolor

The DAM® Hi-T PRO multi-color LED alarm is so self-explanato...
Prices from £ 91.24

DAM HI-T PRO Alarm Set

Prices from £ 248.68

DAM Intenze Carp Pole Rods

• Lightweight carbon poles • Incredibly strong and robust a...
Prices from £ 111.81

DAM Rods Nanoflex Pro+ Salmon Stick Travel

• Built on 36T and 30T Carbon fiber • Full cork quality han...
Prices from £ 111.81

DAM Gloves Neo Tec Half Finger Glove

A great pair of lightweight gloves for a wide range of fishi...
Prices from £ 17.92

DAM Gloves Neoprene Fighter Glove

Neoprene Fighter Glove Get the great benefits of neoprene g...
Prices from £ 10.79

DAM XT1 Carp Caryall Assortment

No matter how your customers prefer to fish, you can offer t...
Prices from £ 276.99

DAM Carryall IMAX Oceanic Bait Bag

Keep your frozen and live baits stored separately in the sam...
Prices from £ 33.20

DAM Rod Holdalls IMAX Oceanic Rod Holdall

The IMAX Oceanic rod holdall is a full-length padded rod hol...
Prices from £ 45.62

DAM Rod Holdalls IMAX Oceanic Day Quiver

The IMAX Oceanic day quiver is the little brother of the com...
Prices from £ 37.47

DAM Keep Nets O.T.T. Keepnet Micro Mesh

• Aluminium frames • Knotless micro mesh 2x1mm • Multi ang...
Prices from £ 35.23

DAM O.T.T. Tele Landing Net Handle

• Strong composite landing net handle • Pinned, universal t...
Prices from £ 9.06

DAM IMAX Oceanic rig wallets

The perfect space-saving solution for storing sea fishing ri...
Prices from £ 19.14

DAM Reel case IMAX Oceanic

Protect your precious reels when not in use with this tough...
Prices from £ 12.42

DAM O.T.T. Carryall

• Waterproof EVA base, 4cm high • Large side pockets, holds...
Prices from £ 54.18

DAM Rod Holdalls O.T.T. Six-tube holdall

• Six-tube holdall, up to 3.5ins/10cm diameter tubes • Full...
Prices from £ 68.84

DAM Rod Holdalls O.T.T. Four-tube holdall

• Four-tube holdall, up to 3.5ins/10cm diameter tubes • Ful...
Prices from £ 54.18

DAM Rod Holdalls O.T.T. Rod Holdall Soft

• Soft case rod and reel holder • Holds easily 15’ three-se...
Prices from £ 16.29

DAM Rod Holdalls O.T.T. Rod Holdall Hardcase

• Hard case two-rod and reel holder • Holds easily 15’ thre...
Prices from £ 59.27

DAM Rods Base-X Tele Pole

The Base-X Tele Poles offer unmatched value for money fibreg...
Prices from £ 6.52

DAM Rods Base-X Match

The Base-X Match is a specialized rod for fine float and mat...
Prices from £ 25.46

DAM Base-X Feeder

The Base-X Feeder rods are truly powerful feeder rods with a...
Prices from £ 25.46

DAM Fishing Equipment

DAM is a famous worldwide brand that has been established in 1875 and stands for quality, tradition, heritage and high service. Many of its products and brand names have become synonym for certain products we all use every time we go angling. During the last century DAM has developed a massive portfolio of brands like: Quick, Mad, Effzett, Shadow, Tectan and Damyl.

DAM is known for making high-quality products under these brand names that have been carefully designed and engineered by our product development department at the head office in Germany. We apply strict standards to our products that all provide a high level of functionality, comfort and are manufactured to ensure unmatched durability.