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Gary Yamamoto baits

Gary Yamamoto Soft baits Pro Senko

The Legendary soft baits Pro Senko are ones of the most effe...
Prices from £ 8.59

Gary Yamamoto Soft baits Swimming Senko

Soft baits Swimming Senko are a good alternative to classic...
Prices from £ 4.34

Gary Yamamoto Soft baits YamaSenko

The Legendary soft baits Yama Senko are ones of the most eff...
Prices from £ 9.19

Gary Yamamoto soft baits

Over twenty years ago, I was bitten badly by the bug for tournament bass fishing. I soon realized if I wanted to succeed at the fishing game, I would need to have realistic actions and lifelike colors for lures, the likes of which didn’t exist in products on the market at the time. I was fortunate to find a couple of suppliers who were willing to custom make what I needed, but only in large quantities, much greater than I could use. That’s how I got started in the lure business - I needed to sell the oversupply of unique new colors and, in some cases, new lures that I was making by welding skirts and tails together from two different suppliers, effectively creating the original Yamamoto Hula Grub.
As my local tournament success and lures sales grew steadily, it wasn’t long before fate presented me with a golden opportunity to purchase the business of one of my suppliers, and that’s how I started Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits. That was back in 1985.
Now in our twenty-seventh year of business as a well-known tackle company, I am often pleased and always humbled to hear from our customers. They tell us why they choose our baits: because of the specific material, the quality, the lifelike actions and realistic colors, which don’t exist in other lures on the market today. Those reasons are why I got started in the lure business in the first place, and we’re glad to still serve your needs with our industry-leading products.
We thank you for thinking so highly of our baits, and we wish you great success at sport fishing. Whenever you go fishing for fun with family and friends, whenever you’re in stiff competition, you honor us by making Gary Yamamoto soft baits a key part of your fishing trips and memories.