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Marttiini Knive Filleting Knife Basic
New 2020!
Prices from £ 22.92
Marttiini Knive Condor De Luxe Skinner
New 2020!
Prices from £ 59.38
Marttiini Knive Lynx knife 139
New 2020!
Prices from £ 51.04
Marttiini Knive Lynx knife 131
New 2020!
Prices from £ 45.83
Marttiini - The Sharpest choice since 1928
At Marttiini, experience in production, professional skills and firm handicraft traditions that have been refined over the course of generations, are combined with carefully chosen materials, contemporary technology, computer aided design and afficient serial production.
As result of open-minded solutions, a knife that is correctly maintaned will serve its master during the latter´s entire lifetime. The sharpness of Marttiini-knives is world-famous.