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Big Deal!
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Rapala Lures X-Rap Peto
Special price!
£ 2.78     £ 6.67
The Finnish Beast, X-Rap® Peto, combines Rapala’s fish-catch...
Strike Pro Hard Lures UL Rider Deep 35
Strike Pro Hard Lures UL Rider Deep 35
Special price!
£ 3.70     £ 6.02
Strike Pro UL Rider Deep 35 hard lures complement the The Fl...
YO-ZURI Hard Lures Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow
YO-ZURI Hard Lures Yo-Zuri Edge Trembler Minnow
Special price!
£ 8.33     £ 13.70
The Edge Trembler Minnow™ is an underwater “Walk-the-Dog” lu...
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Daiwa generally needs no comments, everything from Daiwa in my experience is just great. On the top of this I wanted to say that F...
Vildan P.
Wonderful rod for seabass in 2m45 10/35gr. Very fast rod, very tactil. You can cast very far with this rod. Very good quality...
Denis B.

Fishing Tackle - Protackleshop

In the offer of our angler shop you will find over 50.000 products of many known and local brands from around the world.
It doesn't matter if you are angling with a float or a feeder (including a very popular method feeder), if you prefer carp or catfish fishing, if you are spinning, angling in the sea, you prefer an fly fishing. No matter what you are looking for, in our shop you can buy everything you might need - fishing rods, reels, lines, accessories, carp tents, fishing clothes, armchairs and a great number of other equipment.
A special part of the offer are artificial baits, i.e. wobblers, and soft baits, the offer of which is tremendous! Over 40 brands of wobblers and jerks and over 20 brands of soft baits.
You can send your orders to many countries around the world by post and using fast courier shipments.